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Have an Evacuation Plan

Take a moment to check out the following maps to find the best evacuation route for your intended destination. Pack your emergency supply kit and your patience when hitting the road away from the coast.

Corpus Christi Evacuation Zone Map

State Evacuation Route Map

Evacuation Assistance (211)

When You Are Evacuating:

Know your route and have a plan for where you can stay. Leave as soon as possible. Avoid flooded roads and watch for washed-out bridges. Secure your home by unplugging appliances and turning off electricity and the main water valve. Tell someone outside of the storm area where you are going. If time permits, and you live in an identified surge zone, elevate furniture to protect it from flooding or better yet, move it to a higher floor. Bring pre-assembled emergency supplies and warm protective clothing. Take blankets and sleeping bags to shelter. Lock up home and leave.