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About the Storm Expo
Get all the details of our one-stop shop for hurricane preparedness.
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Here is what you can expect at the Storm Expo.
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Preparing Your Family
Make sure your family is taken care of - even your pets.
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Preparing Your Home
Prep your home for hurricane season.
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Have an Evacuation Plan
When told to evacuate, LEAVE. Make a plan of where you will go.
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Sign Up for Reverse Alert
Always stay in the know with ReverseAlert notices sent directly to your phone via text or email. Sign up now!
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Be Aware. Prepare.

Are You Prepared? Join us at the Coastal Bend Storm Expo!

Hurricane Season is here and the time to prepare is now! Don’t find yourself waiting until the last minute to get your supplies together. After Hurricane Harvey last year, we know we should be taking extra precautions to protect our homes and our family. Mark your calendars for June 16 at the American Bank Center from 10 am to 3 pm. Until then, take a look around for ways you can get prepared today, see what City departments were busy doing to prepare and recover after Harvey, and take a trip back to the 70s to see what we hope never comes back to Corpus Christi.
Not a Nice Lady. The Hurricane Celia Story

A storm of historic proportions that is still spoken of to this day. Her eye crossed right over downtown Corpus Christi and would leave a lasting impact. Check out the visual story below to see snapshots of this era in Corpus Christi history that reminds us anything can happen and we should always be ready.

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Getting Prepared: A City Perspective

City staff worked nonstop 24/7 before, during and after Hurricane Harvey struck the Coastal Bend. Get a glimpse of the work they did and come out to the Storm Expo to meet the teams that help secure the City and our citizens.

Getting Prepared